Tuesday, November 22, 2005

contact microphone uses by artists

- Stephen Vitello: listen to contact-mics' sounds:

- Jason Kahn: “one hour as snow”
i live in zurich and during our last big storm of the winter i recorded the sound of falling snow from my balcony--contact microphones attached to aluminum foil, onto which the snow fell; and bare contact microphones coming into contact with the falling snow. the resulting soundfiles were then variously equalized and sometimes filtered, and some left in their natural state. these recordings were originally made for an eight-channel sound installation which i did at diapason gallery in new york. i'd now like to bring everything down to two channels and expand the piece to one hour.
(source: http://www.resonancefm.com)

- Brandon LaBelle, http://www.kaon.org/brandon_labelle/documents/doc_2.htm

- John Cage, http://www.mode.com/catalog/024cage.html


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